Hazardous conditions such as heavy rain, thunder/lightening, or winds exceeding 25 mph will result in the following: Contracts cannot be cancelled because of weather conditions. Any alternative weather plans must be made 24 hours prior to the event starting time. If it is unsuitable to have the scheduled event, you may cancel the event and pay 100% of the remaining balance, or you can postpone the event one time on a mutually acceptable date within 60 days of the original event date. 



Pre/Post Event


In most cases, PMZC will arrive to begin set up as early as two (2) hours prior to the scheduled starting time. Therefore, PMZC must be gauranteed access to the actual location of performance at least two (2) hours before the contracted starting time. If circumstances require a different set up time, arrangements must be made at the time of signing this contract and additional charges may apply, depending on location of event, otherwise PMZC is not required to complete setup or begin performance at any time prior to the contracted start time.  If customer chooses to end event before the contracted end time, no monies or credits will be returned to the customer for un used, contracted time. Complete and full payment of the contract amount or contract balance is required.





PMZC will not be held responsible for any accident or injury involving PMZC's property or equipment due to the negligence of the customer or the customer's guests. Customer will be held responsible for damages to PMZC's property to the extent the damages are caused by customer or customer's guest negligence and recklessness. Customer will be responsible to provide payment for damages within 10 business days from the date at which the damages have been assessed. 






PMZC will begin set-up in one location. If the customer chooses to change set-up location after PMZC has begun unloading and setting up, there will be an additional fee of $250 and PMZC cannot gaurantee an on time start.  Set up area must be a hard surface, relatively flat and free from overhead obstructions. Additional charges may apply if event location or starting/ending time is changed after the contract has been signed. Please contact PMZC with any such changes.